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Eat Less to Lose Weight?

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Well, here we are back again with another look at the effectiveness of certain techniques for losing that excess weight. One of the most common forms of losing that weight is to attempt it through diet, but while eating a healthy, balanced diet of good foods is one of the things that you should be doing, far too many people simply try to get away with just eating less of what they already eat.

This is a problem, because a lot of people eat a really terrible diet, consisting of processed foods they buy in the supermarket or junk food they buy in fast food restaurants. By simply eating less of that stuff, you are not really going to do yourself a whole load of good and unless you lead a fairly active lifestyle, you probably are not going to lose very much weight.

There is a very good reason for this and that’s because if you don’t do much or any exercise, which can happen when you lead a sedentary lifestyle, then simply eating less will just force your body to slow down its metabolic rate to compensate for the reduction in food. In other words you will just burn fewer calories and stay the same weight.

The best way to go about eating less is to switch to a diet that is healthy and contains mostly fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats and fish as well as cutting out all fried foods, processed foods, and junk from the burger restaurant chains. That also includes stuff like pizza, hot dogs, pastries, cakes, big fat sandwiches with that side of fries…

By eating right, you can at least force your body to burn the food it gets by giving it the right kind of food. Its like filling up your car with gas. If it needs premium, don’t give it regular or you will get poor performance. The same goes for your body. Give it the best fuel and it will perform that much better. Give it some exercise to go with and you will burn far more calories. Burn more than you eat and you lose weight. Its that simple!

Well, that’s about the long and the short of it. So if you have been wondering and pondering over the question, “does eating less really make you lose weight?” then the answer is not as clear cut as you might like. But at least it gives you something solid to work with in your own attempts to reduce your weight and get a better looking body!

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May 1st, 2010 at 2:46 pm

Weight Loss and Hypnosis

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Weight loss and hypnosis have a good symbiotic relationship with each other as the former tends to attain a surprising level of success when combined with the latter. There are plenty of reason why this should be so and this post will take a look at what all the fuss is about and why it may be in your interests if other alternatives are failing you to take a more serious look at hypnosis to help you to lose weight.

Hypnosis itself is merely a deep form of relaxation, so there’s nothing really magical about the state as some self promotional and egotistical stage hypnotists would have you believe. In fact, so mundane is the state of hypnosis that literally anyone can enter the state and indeed they do several times every day of their lives. Don’t believe me?

Have you ever daydreamed?

Well unless you are a robot, you will have answered “yes” to that question. A daydream is a state of hyonosis, because what is happening in that state is that your mind is off somewhere else and you actually have no conscious notion of what your body is doing at that moment. The second you do become aware again, you have stopped daydreaming and returned to teh real world! That, my friends was a simple state of hypnosis and it is that definition which also applies to the state.

So now we know how ordinary is this one-time believed magical mind state, we can see that on its own, its not much good for anything except to relax us (which it does extremely well) and enable us to experience vivid imaginary visions such as the daydreams we all have.

By enabling us to experience and even really feel what is going on in those daydreams or visions, hypnosis becomes teh tool used by hypnotherapists to implant simple suggestions into the unconscious part of the mind which alters the way we perceive certain things for a limited period of time. After that, our own sense of reason takes over and the suggestion is nullified. That time period varies from person to person, but is often anything from a few hours to several days.

This is usually enough to break many bad habits, such as smoking and overeating or comfort eating. When used correctly by a skilled practitioner, these hypnotic suggestions can be very powerful in the fight to lose weight and enable people to break bad eating habits while replacing them with good eating habits.

before the mind’s own reasoning ability has had a chance to kick in and revert back to the way things were, the bad habits can already be broken while the good habits have become the norm and the person will lose weight really quite easily from then on.

So that, in a nutshell, is how a weight loss hypnotherapist can use hypnosis to work perfectly to help you to lose weight naturally and with the minimum of fuss.

Weight Loss Tips

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January 9th, 2010 at 4:55 pm

Finding 100 Weight Loss Tips

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If you were doing some research on the Internet for a lot of information regarding the many ways to lose weight and wanted to find a big selection of tips and techniques that you might be able to put to good use, where would you look? Google or Bing are good places, but while the search engines are getting much better at filtering out all the crappy sites and pushing the more legit ones to the top, they are far from perfect. Many websites claim to provide you with a number of tips for losing weight, but when you get to their “library” of information, it turns out to be nothing more than a list of links directing you to a bunch of other sites that often bear no resemblance to the titles they are given in the links.

This is frustrating for people who are in search for genuine knowledge and soon get annoyed with being sent all over the place and ending up with nothing more than a bunch of sites empty save for a gale full off ads that nobody wants to see. But there are some good sites out there, its just not always so easy to find them.

One such site that does make the grade is weightlossgo.com which not only claims to have the top 100 weight loss tips, it really does! Not only are the 100 tips indexed in a list, each linked title actually links to a bona fide article hosted right there on the site, so no frustrating links to elsewhere. Its all there in the site.

Better still, each article is well over 400 words and a complete and informative reference in its own right. All the articles were written by the site author who is an authority on the subject and is a wealth of knowledge and advice on the many aspects of how to lose weight.

It is rare indeed to find a truly legitimate website dealing with weight management these days and even rarer to find one that contains fully 100 individual articles that cover just about every tip and technique that there is on the subject. In addition to these articles are the regular blog posts that get published regularly on all the many aspects of ways and means of losing weight, so there is something there for everyone who is searching for knowledge, information or just casually looking for some useful tips and tricks that might help them to lose a few pounds here and there.

Where can you find this great site and its 100 great tips? Right here: http://weightlossgo.com/top-100-weight-loss-tips/, follow the link and go and see for yourself. You can thank me later!

Weight Loss Tips

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December 20th, 2009 at 2:47 pm

Weight Loss Blues

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If there’s one thing that can derail even the best diet or exercise program, it has to be a dose of the weight loss blues. By that, I mean a sudden drop in motivational spirit that seems to descend upon you when you’re not seeing results happen as fast as you would like to see them. So what can be done to reverse this situation and get you back on track?

Well, one of the first things you can do is to give your mood a kick start by doing something that brings you a great deal of happiness. That’s because happiness is the key to achieving anything because when you’re feeling happy, you are lifted up and feel good. When you feel good, you are more positive in your outlook and when you are more positive, you get your feelings of determination into full swing and I don’t need to tell you that when you feel determined, you will achieve what you set out to do, because that’s what you are certain you will do.

If you think there is a lot of competition for achieving weight loss, I’d say you’d be right. Choosing the right slimming tricks can help a person. What is false is that one can achieve how to lose weight easily. You should be patient. I’ve seen how to lose weight blogs that have really great information. You can do it. I have no problem with how to lose weight. There are no suppositions on this realm. Do you want to avoid feeling distressed? I know you have all seen a bunch of easy weight loss tips out there. Certainly this is a fascinating debate. It’s easy to get confused between the two options. When you’re the leader, people pay attention. Doing how to lose weight too much for the first time can make one easy weight loss tips but also you want to have maximum strength. Here’s an in depth study. You won’t be able to use all the different easy to use and work with features of your chosen strategy.

It is simple folks, and the many ways that make up how to lose weight are right in front of you. Here, though, is where the true power of dieting for health lies. Easy weight loss is a delightful surprise and I know how you’ll feel about it when you are in a positive frame of mind.

Weight Loss Tips

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November 24th, 2009 at 1:07 pm

Are Nutrisystem Reviews All They’re Cracked Up to Be?

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You may have wondered from time to time the question: “Are Nutrisystem reviews all they’re cracked up to be?” Are they real, honest and factual or contrived, shady and nothing more than hype?

This post is going to ask the tough question on whether reviews for diet plans such as Nutrisystem’s are really as objective as they should be, or are they really merely a sales pitch designed to get you to sign up?

Well, first up, you need to know what diet plans are all about in the grand scheme of things with regards to weight loss and how they help you or otherwise to actually shed some of that excess fat you want to get rid of.

Diet plans are generally designed to make sure you get a good daily set of meals that are both nutritious and filling that also restrict your calorie count to a level that will prevent weight gain while it causes your body to actually shed some weight. Now in theory, that is great and it would work except for one minor detail all the sales pitch style reviews omit to tell you. That is you also need to exercise to mak it work!

Why is this?

All good dietitians and nutritionists know that for a person to lose weight the basic formula, of consuming fewer calories than your body burns in a day, must be satisfied. If it is, then a person will lose weight, no arguments there. If the exercise that is needed to burn those calories is not there, however, the person on a diet will in all likelihood go into survival mode where their metabolism slows down in order to conserve some of the calories consumed as fat.

So even the best diet in the world will not be successful if the person does no exercise to make it work. And that is the major part of all of this that most reviews leave out. Meaning that they either don’t realize about this important aspect of weight loss, or they’re simply ignoring it in order to give their readers the hard sell!

The choice in the end is entirely yours, as is the decision on which dieting program you are going to work with and how successful you are going to be with it. So you simply have to take them for what they are and remember that there is always plenty more information out there if you only are prepared to go looking for it.

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