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Succeeding with a Simple Diet

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Many people seem to be laboring under the misconception that for a weight loss diet to be truly effective, it must be complicated, time consuming and a lot of hard work. For many, it is this concept of having to really work hard at a thing to make it worthwhile, or by following the old saying “a job worth doing is worth doing well” that has them struggling with a tough diet that may not even suit them, but they persevere because they believe that by working so hard, they will succeed.

Now there may be some truth to the fact that to gain a worthwhile result you have to put a lot of work into it, for sure. But when it comes to dieting to lose weight, chances are that the very toughness of the task is what causes the ultimate failure in not reaching the goals set. This can be disheartening and that feeling of disenchantment can be enough to prevent further attempts.

Keep it Simple

There is a more accepted idea that in order to succeed at a diet, the best way is to keep things as simple as possible. That way, there are no complex obstacles to overcome and the route to the final goal is uncluttered and straight forward. There are a few ways of doing that and having a diet that will not only work for you but be a resounding success.

Diet Delivery Programs

One option is to try one of the excellent diet delivery programs that are available these days. Companies like Jenny Craig, Medifast, eDiets, Nutrisystem etc all provide their customers with a really simple diet that they can lose weight with. The underlying simplicity of these kinds of diets is that all the food you need to eat is produced and packaged for you by the company.

That means you don’t need to do any food shopping, preparation or cooking. There are no charts to complete and no counting calories to do. Its a simple case of choosing the plan which best suits your needs and then eating the meals that are provided for you. Pretty simple, huh?

You can read up some more on Nutrisystem here: http://nstuf.com if you are interested in their diet plans.

Simplified Conventional Diets

You can of course stick with the more conventional kind of diet where you get a personalized diet sheet and cook your own meals. This is better for people who prefer to eat home cooked meals made from fresh stuff that doesn’t all come in a packet.

While there is more work involved in the meal preparation and cooking stage, you can still keep things relatively simple by not being so strict with the chart filling and calorie counting exactness. By aiming for a happy medium between the more intense form of accounting for every calorie every day, and throwing meals together and hoping for the best, you can still end up with a diet that works because you are providing yoruself with all the right nutrition in a calorie controlled environment.

Simple is always best. Just make sure you find it a pleasure and you can succeed!

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May 16th, 2012 at 5:18 am

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