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Eat Less to Lose Weight?

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Well, here we are back again with another look at the effectiveness of certain techniques for losing that excess weight. One of the most common forms of losing that weight is to attempt it through diet, but while eating a healthy, balanced diet of good foods is one of the things that you should be doing, far too many people simply try to get away with just eating less of what they already eat.

This is a problem, because a lot of people eat a really terrible diet, consisting of processed foods they buy in the supermarket or junk food they buy in fast food restaurants. By simply eating less of that stuff, you are not really going to do yourself a whole load of good and unless you lead a fairly active lifestyle, you probably are not going to lose very much weight.

There is a very good reason for this and that’s because if you don’t do much or any exercise, which can happen when you lead a sedentary lifestyle, then simply eating less will just force your body to slow down its metabolic rate to compensate for the reduction in food. In other words you will just burn fewer calories and stay the same weight.

The best way to go about eating less is to switch to a diet that is healthy and contains mostly fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats and fish as well as cutting out all fried foods, processed foods, and junk from the burger restaurant chains. That also includes stuff like pizza, hot dogs, pastries, cakes, big fat sandwiches with that side of fries…

By eating right, you can at least force your body to burn the food it gets by giving it the right kind of food. Its like filling up your car with gas. If it needs premium, don’t give it regular or you will get poor performance. The same goes for your body. Give it the best fuel and it will perform that much better. Give it some exercise to go with and you will burn far more calories. Burn more than you eat and you lose weight. Its that simple!

Well, that’s about the long and the short of it. So if you have been wondering and pondering over the question, “does eating less really make you lose weight?” then the answer is not as clear cut as you might like. But at least it gives you something solid to work with in your own attempts to reduce your weight and get a better looking body!

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May 1st, 2010 at 2:46 pm

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