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A Look at Nutrisystem Diet Food Delivery

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There are many diet plans out there and some even deliver to your door. One of these is Nutrisystem and not have they been around and doing this for well over thirty years, but they seem to be as popular now as they ever were. So let’s take a look at just what this diet food delivery company is all about and whether they can deliver the goods to people who need to lose weight but are too busy to work on a complicated weight loss plan of their own.

The basic precept of the way Nutrisystem works is by providing their customers with a month supply of ready meals, covering three meals a day for 28 days. This, in effect gives their customers their total meals for that whole time. That means they don’t have to go out and buy any other food and if they are serious enough to want to lose weight, this is exactly what they should avoid doing at all costs.

Because as soon as you go out and start buying additional food items (other than some fresh vegetables, herbs etc that are recommended by the company) then you are going to add calories to the diet and upset the fine balance they have provided you with in order that you can lose weight. The whole idea is that you do not buy additional food, but stick to what the company provides and by doing that, you will certainly lose weight, no question about it.

So why are there numerous complaints all over the place from people who say Nutrisystem does not work?

Easy! If you fail to lose weight by going on one of Nutrisystem’s diet meal plans, then you cheated. Yep, don’t live in denial. You cheated… you did, didn’t you? When you thought no one was looking, you sneaked ion that packet of potato chips, that candy bar, or that cream cake. or you snuck in some biscuits or cookies with your morning coffee and thought no one would notice, didn’t you?

Well even if you say you didn’t, I know you’re lying because the Nutrisystem diet is calorie controlled and if you stick to the Nutrisystem meals only, then you will not go over your daily calorie count and you will lose weight.

So basically, this is how it works. You take delivery of your 28 days worth of three meals a day and store them in your freezer. note, you’ll need to have plenty of room in your freezer to fit them all in!

Then you simply take a meal out of the freezer, say a breakfast for day 1, or an evening meal for day… whatever you’re up to, then place it in the microwave according to the simple instructions on the package. Take it out when its done and eat! That’s all you do. Simple and effective.

If you don’t want to be hassled by having to mess about with preparing food, counting all the calories, weighing up everything etc, then this is a pretty good option for you. if you want more info about this system and some more pros and cons about the plans, then there is a great resource at http://weightlossgo.com/lose-weight/nutrisystem-reviews/ that will give you more information if you need it.

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