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What Does Nutrisystem Cost?

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What does Nutrisystem cost is a question that is quite often asked of many weight loss oriented blogs and forums. The answer depends upon whether you were talking about the cost in monetary terms, or in the cost of your health actually improving because of this well established diet food delivery plan. So let’s take a look at both and see what we can come up with here.

First up, the most important thing you really should be contemplating here is your health. Without your health, you have a crap life and if it was self inflicted because you ate a crap diet for too many years then its an even worse situation.

Fair enough if your health took a nosedive because you suffered a debilitating illness, or a serious accident, that’s not your fault and the situation is truly sad.

But if you just spent half your life slumped on a sofa in front of the TV with the working half of it slumped in an office chair or in the seat of a cab, bus or truck, and you never did any exercise but ate your way through endless pizzas, hot dogs, burgers and little else, while washing it all down with soda and/or beer, then it is totally your fault! If you smoked as well, then you just asked for what you got and you sure as hell got it!

So, that little rant over blame done with, let’s get to what can be done. Oh yeah, we were talking about the Nutrisystem cost when it comes to your health. Well, no diet can make you lose much weight unless you complement it with some daily form of exercise. So if you are adamant that your fat ass is staying put on that sofa, cause there’s something life-changing gonna happen in the next episode of Big Brother, then you are a lost cause and why are you even reading this?

But if you are determined to do something to help yourself, then read on…

Getting into the mindset that you want to lose weight is the first step, because you have to convince yourself that its what you want. No one else can do that for you, it has to be you and only you.

Once you’ve done that, then you need to figure out an exercise plan that you can start slow and build up over time. Then you need a diet that will help you cut out all the crap food and you have to stick to it. That’s where your motivated mindset comes in with a little help from Nutrisystem. Buy their diet plan and use it exclusively. Don’t even look at another pizza for a month and then come back and tell me how many pounds you lost. It will work and that’s the cost in your improved health, improved fitness and lower numbers when you stand on the scales!

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September 15th, 2009 at 12:51 pm

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