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Are Nutrisystem Reviews All They’re Cracked Up to Be?

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You may have wondered from time to time the question: “Are Nutrisystem reviews all they’re cracked up to be?” Are they real, honest and factual or contrived, shady and nothing more than hype?

This post is going to ask the tough question on whether reviews for diet plans such as Nutrisystem’s are really as objective as they should be, or are they really merely a sales pitch designed to get you to sign up?

Well, first up, you need to know what diet plans are all about in the grand scheme of things with regards to weight loss and how they help you or otherwise to actually shed some of that excess fat you want to get rid of.

Diet plans are generally designed to make sure you get a good daily set of meals that are both nutritious and filling that also restrict your calorie count to a level that will prevent weight gain while it causes your body to actually shed some weight. Now in theory, that is great and it would work except for one minor detail all the sales pitch style reviews omit to tell you. That is you also need to exercise to mak it work!

Why is this?

All good dietitians and nutritionists know that for a person to lose weight the basic formula, of consuming fewer calories than your body burns in a day, must be satisfied. If it is, then a person will lose weight, no arguments there. If the exercise that is needed to burn those calories is not there, however, the person on a diet will in all likelihood go into survival mode where their metabolism slows down in order to conserve some of the calories consumed as fat.

So even the best diet in the world will not be successful if the person does no exercise to make it work. And that is the major part of all of this that most reviews leave out. Meaning that they either don’t realize about this important aspect of weight loss, or they’re simply ignoring it in order to give their readers the hard sell!

The choice in the end is entirely yours, as is the decision on which dieting program you are going to work with and how successful you are going to be with it. So you simply have to take them for what they are and remember that there is always plenty more information out there if you only are prepared to go looking for it.

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