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Weight Loss is All In The Mind

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Weight loss is all in the mind! Well, most of it is, anyway. Following my introductory post “Weight Loss Tips”, which outlined what this blog intends to be all about I think its time to get to work.

This first working post will be getting things started by doing the most important initial part of any kind of weight loss program. That is getting the utmost important part of anyone’s body into the right state of being before anything else is able to happen. Now what part is that?

The mind!

Without your mind in the right state initially, nothing else that you do has much of a chance to work!

That’s a pretty profound kind of statement, but perfctly true. Think on this; when you awaken in the morning and you feel really tired, disoriented, half asleep, what is your preference to do right at that moment?

Would you prefer to get up and go to work, or stay put and go back to sleep a little longer?

See where this is going? It’s about what you want to do, not what you have to do.

With weight loss, things ares no different. There are a load of tips for slimming for a better body out there that need to be dispelled.

When you’re faced with the prospect of “you have to” lose weight, your mind is likely to push against that and want to do the opposite! That’s one of the reasons why so many weight loss programs fail. Its not because the program is flawed in any way – often they work just fine. Its often because the person doing it has the state of mind that regards it as something they have to do instead of something they want to do.

In psychology, there is a similar way of thinking known as the pain and pleasure principle. That says it is instinctive in humans to move away from pain and go toward pleasure.

When a person is faced with something they have to do, it is similar to experiencing pain. A thing that must be endured, or put up with. On the other hand, when faced with something they want to do, its more of a pleasure, because they want to do it!

So when it comes to weight loss, you need to be in the frame of mind that its something you want to do and not something you have to do. Pleasure rather than pain, right?

So how does someone alter their perspective on this?

Well, even if its something that you’ve been told you have to do, for instance if it puts your health at risk, then you need to think of weight loss in terms of the end result being a pleasurable goal to be achieved. That means imagining you being X amount of pounds or kilos lighter making you feel so good. There is a really good and powerful visualization technique that you can use that really works. Of course, you should also work on your I found on another blog in a post. You need habits to reinforce what you’re already doing.

Any weight loss program can work for you when it becomes a thing that you want to do as opposed to something that you have to do. That’s because its a pleasure to do what you want! So turn you’re thinking on its head and see how this first of more tips for weight loss really makes sense if you put it into action right now!

Weight Loss Tips

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Welcome to Weight Loss Tips, a blog that has been put together to help anyone who needs advice and ideas to lose weight.

This is a blog that will provide the reader with a selection of first rate, verifiable, tried and tested ways that will show you how to lose weight that really work. Maintaining a healthy weight along with a healthy and good looking body is a hugely important part of modern life and with so much media attention being put upon people to be thin and to conform to the glossy magazine stereotype of what your weight should be, its no wonder that so many people are constantly trying this or that new diet or exercise program to lose weight and drop a few pounds while getting their body back into a slim and well toned shape.

It’s also not surprising that very few people actually lose weight in the long term with any of these methods. This is not because the weight loss programs don’t work. In fact most work perfectly well. The major reason why they fail for most people is that they don’t keep it up.

Here in this blog, the many useful slimming tips that we provide are much more simple and easy to stay with. Here are some of the basic rules for losing weight and the way in which we approach the whole process:

  • There are no strict diets to take on
  • There are no rigorous exercise regimes for anyone to follow
  • There are no restrictive practices to make life dull or stressful

The tips you’ll find here are designed to help you to lose weight gradually, naturally and without any effort on your part. So stay tuned to the valuable weight loss tips and information that we’ll be providing over the coming weeks and months and even years. You’ll be glad you did!

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